so i was hipped to an interview of a ranking zionist on youtube discussing their agenda &their plans for the world: child sacrifice, depopulation, poisoning/chemical modification of foods, population control, the whole nine…don’t eat mcdonalds yall…

but anyway the reason he said he felt free to discuss all this publicly is because he knows the machine is too powerful &not only that even knowing people won’t do shit about it

the protocols of zion are taking place as we sleep with our eyes open…

but i guess the video of the twerking cat or people fighting in the elevator is more relevant then deliberate worldwide genocide

lol..people man….


i try to be like….calm &peaceful about it…let people reach their own conclusion but the fact is 8/10 people are fucking idiots &lambs to the slaughter…one person knows whats going on but does nothing about it/uses it to their advantage

&the one person who does try to enlighten/stimulate change is largely hopeless in their mission. its disgusting the acts being committed in plain sight. like….pick up a fucking a documentary….you can’t even trust the last thing you ate…the elite are willingly trying to kill us off &people wanna just keep bullshitting through life….

ok..people are just resigned to stay asleep til the alarm wakes us all…


The dreams of those who have fallen. The hopes of those who will follow. Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix drilling a path towards tomorrow!

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Favorite Anime: The End of Evanskeleton (1997)


Favorite Anime: The End of Evanskeleton (1997)


Character design notes for Gray Fox

From The Art of Metal Gear Solid

Well shoutout to Microsoft for giving me 2TBs worth of cloud space for free.

Don’t know why they did, don’t really use it, but shit if they’re giving me 2TBs for free for like 2 years I might as well put it to good use